Apple Watch ‘Pro’ will reportedly introduce first redesign since 2020

 Multiday battery life may also be possible with the wearable.

It's a new all-time low for the Apple Watch Series 7 at $300.

Apple's next high-end Apple Watch Series 8 model has been slowly making its way into the public eye over the last several weeks. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman reported at the beginning of the month that the wearable would boast the biggest display that Apple has ever released on a wristwatch. Mark Gurman A new design may also be a consequence of this.

According to Gurman's most recent Power On email, the "Pro" version of the Apple Watch will include a new look. Since the release of the Series 4 in 2018, Apple has not changed its wearable product line. To accommodate the larger screen, Gurman says the new model will be "a fair deal larger" than Apple's existing Series 7 handsets. Aside from the supposed flat edges, the new design will be a development of the rectangle form," he says.

Additional reports claim that "a more robust titanium composition" would be used in the smartwatch's case, making it more suitable for extreme activities. According to Gurman, a larger battery plus Apple's long-rumored "Low Power Mode" might allow the next Apple Watch Pro to last for many days on one charge. The speculated body temperature sensor Apple is working on for the whole Series 8 series will also be included in this model.

Apple is said to be working on a high-end Apple Watch for the autumn and beyond. A "deluge" of gadgets will be released during the next year, according to Gurman. The business is working on a successor for the original HomePod, which is one of the most prominent goods on the way.

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